Our Team

CEO and Founder

Krishna Singh

As the founder Krishna Singh is passionate about helping business grow by aligning technology with their business goals and delivering a high-quality service in the IT sector. With years of experience and the focus on the customer, he has facilitated their growth from a small startup to many team members with some expanding across the globe.

A natural manager and an expert in his field, Krishna’s strategic direction helps solve client’s IT challenges.


Meet the Team

Our team is like a family, and for 7 years we have been growing organically to meet the needs of our customers. We currently have a team of 12 full-time employees who each play an integral role in the company. We have dedicated full-time positions to project management, customer service, website development, and digital marketing to ensure we can provide you with fast, responsive service.

Rahul Patil

Sales & Marketing

Nilesh Jagdev

Sr. Ecommerce Developer

Dipak Salunke

Finance & Accounts

Sohail Malek


Rahul Singh

Sr. Designer

Sandeep Singh


Mahendra Bishwa

SEO and Marketing

Ketan Jariwala

Content Writer

Chaitali Changawala

Customer Support

Bhavani Amancha

Quality Control