Best ecommerce platforms for product selling websites

The vastness of the population is well-known. Despite low internet penetration, the global e-commerce sector is enormous, thanks to the people. It was worth US$ 4.28 trillion US dollars in 2020 and is forecast to 5.4 trillion in value by 2022. We compiled the top 10 performing e-commerce sites worldwide using data from SimilarWeb to show what the global e-commerce market looks like.

Following are some of the Ecommerce Platforms.


The number of monthly visitors is estimated to be 214.8 million.

According to Statista, Amazon, the American e-commerce behemoth, has an audience presence of more than 197 million worldwide. It was launched in the US in 1994. From then onwards, the site has grown to an estimated 2.55 billion total visits, making it by far the most popular website in the world.

According to overall figures, electronics are the most significant e-commerce sector worldwide, and Amazon’s audience interests are skewed against this category. However, they offer various other items in areas such as Echo and Alexa, Amazon Prime digital media, men’s and women’s wear, home, grocery, sports, and automotive, among others.

  1. Etsy

Monthly visitors are estimated to be 61.2 million.

Etsy is an American e-commerce website, focuses mainly on handcraft or vintage things and specialty supplies. These things fall under a broad scope of classes, including adornments, sacks, apparel, home stylistic theme and furniture, toys, craftsmanship, just as art supplies and instruments. All vintage things should be at any rate 20 years of age and be utilized.

As of December 31, 2018, Etsy had more than 60 million things in its commercial centre, and the online commercial centre for carefully assembled and vintage merchandise associated 2.1 million dealers with 39.4 million purchasers. Toward the finish of 2018, Etsy had 874 employees.[3] In 2018, Etsy had exclusive deals, or Gross Merchandise Sales (GMS), of US$3.93 billion on the stage.

In 2018, Etsy accumulated an income of US$603.7 million and enlisted a net gain of US$41.25 million.


Monthly visitors are estimated to be 175.95 million worldwide.

Alibaba, established in China in 1999, is a globally recognized major player in the e-commerce industry. Alibaba is an essential player in the international e-commerce market, owned by Alibaba Group Holding, a major multinational conglomerate holding company specializing in everything online from e-commerce to online shopping, Internet, and technology.

Alibaba’s product categories include home and kitchen, tools and hardware, rubber and plastics, electrical equipment and supplies, vehicles and accessories, toys and hobbies, consumer electronics, apparel, and more. In January 2018, Alibaba turned into the subsequent Asian organization to break the US$500 billion valuation mark after its rival Tencent.

Alibaba is one of the world’s biggest retailers and internet business organizations. In 2020, it was additionally evaluated as the fifth-biggest organization. Presently, the biggest rival of Alibaba is Amazon in the global market.

  1. eBay

Monthly visitors are estimated to be 106.9 million.

eBay is an American multinational e-commerce company that works with buyer to-purchaser and business-to-shopper deals through its site. eBay was established by Pierre Omidyar in 1995 and turned into an outstanding example of overcoming the adversity of the website bubble. eBay is a multibillion-dollar business with tasks in around 32 nations, starting in 2019.

eBay’s amazing sale style deals, the site has advanced and extended to include: moment “Get It Now” shopping; shopping by Universal Product Code, ISBN, or another SKU number.

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