Own eCommerce platform is more profitable than using a marketplace

We conducted a comparative study and discovered that using own eCommerce platform is more profitable than using a marketplace.

The Marketplace charges a sale price.

In a supermarket, there aren’t any free lunches. After all, they aren’t doing you any favors by purchasing your stuff. You’re on a marketplace for a reason, and marketplaces are well aware of it.As a result, they demand a fee.

Defeat the fierce competition

You aren’t the only shark in the region. There are many people like you, and some of them might be bigger in some ways than you. It’s challenging to stand out in a crowd, and it takes time to do so. Despite having a well-defined SEO strategy, getting your site to the top of the rankings can often become a money game.

There is no consumer acquisition or branding.

On a marketplace, you might never be able to build a brand for your website. You’re just one of the businesses, and your goods are just one of the goods.

E-Commerce websites engage in the online sale of goods and services and the receipt of payments in a similar manner.They can be created using various methods, including Open Source, Customized, and E-commerce Platforms.

Benefits of Selling on the Internet

Better command and authority

You have complete power over your e-commerce websites. All are under your influence, including the look and feel, design, layout, content, and navigation.

Despite the fact that your website is built on an E-commerce platform, you are the one who manages it.. Customers come to your website because of your popularity and goods.

 Customer observations are readily available.

The customers behavior on your website is better tracked. Transactions, browsing history, average order value, time spent on each page of your website, conversion trends history, and other factors can all be recorded. In other words, you are aware of how consumers act on your website right away.You may also collect consumer data to aid in improving purchase decisions and purchasing habits. Overall, conversions can be improved.

SaaS-based websites are the next big thing

They’re just as good as your own. Instead, they are a step ahead because they have various services that would cost a lot if you created them yourself.

Purchasing a website is a one-time cost that is amortized for years. You are not required to share the profit margins with the Marketplace. As a result, you earn more money and gain access to a variety of features that helps in the safety and security of your website.

Create advertising campaigns

It improves consumer satisfaction and recall, allowing you to record customer interactions. As a result, you can build campaigns. Customers can be contacted, referral services can be run, loyalty programs can be started, cross-mergers can be arranged, and many other things can be planned.

It assists you in reaching out to your target audience in various ways. You can generate leads using Google Advertising, Facebook Ads, and even Instagram targeting. Both of these are impossible to achieve in the Marketplace.

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